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In search of a dynamic keynote speaker for your forthcoming conference? Need a skilled presenter who can engage your audience effortlessly and make an enduring impact? Seeking someone to energize your next event? Look no further: Alexander is the answer. He's a master in storytelling, communication, and is recognized for his work within PowerPoint.

How to Secure Alexander for Your Event: Browse through Alex and David´´´s variety of keynotes topics listed below. Select the one that resonates most with your event, or contact us for a bespoke speech crafted to meet your unique needs. Hit the "Book Alex" button below to get started, and we'll make the connection!

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The world's most seen TED-talk on Storytelling with over 5 million views. This talk is on the cutting edge of practical Storytelling based on neuroscience and biology. The talk can be adapted to sales, leadership and professional trainers.

  • The power of Dopamine in stories and how to create it.
  • How to easily make stories more exciting
  • The psychological power of Oxytocin and Endorphins in stories.


The worlds most viewed TED-talk on visual presentations! Used by Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford and MIT as training material! If you want to improve the use of PowerPoint's in your organization this is the talk you want! Spot on, practical, insightful – actually, so insightful that there is no way you want to continue doing the PowerPoint mistakes previously committed. How to make data dance – to make the boring the best!

  • 6 design rules to follow for a world class presentation!
  • 6 delivery tips which will have a huge impact on any slide!


David, who Alexander is working closely with, spent 7 years studying 5000 speakers to identify the 110 most common skills and no one can learn 110 skills – but the cool fact is that by knowing the key 6 of them, your delivery will improve by up to 100%. Add brilliant content skills to that and you have one heck of a talk! 

  • How to make any presentation interesting with the right delivery skills
  • Practical exercises which immediately inspired the audience to start applying!
  • Incredibly humorous and entertaining!


Video meetings are here to stay – for good! But STILL very few know how to do them! In this talk Alexander will be broadcasting from his own studio equipped with 4 cameras, 3 settings, 200-inch screens and dedicated technicians. The content will blow your mind and give the audience incredibly practical tips which they immediately can apply – and will want to apply! They will simply realize … digital can be just as good as physical.

  • 6 commandments of video meetings and virtual conferences!
  • 6 key delivery skills that make a massive difference.
  • Practical exercises where they get to apply their new learned skills during the talk!